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Dobo, is the Pit Master and a legend among the Jackals (even though he is in fact a Dog) within a city that was inhabited by Dogs. He is a good friend of Panthro


He was once a comrade of Panthro when both of them ended up as slaves of the Pit - a fighting arena in which any slave can earn their freedom by winning 100 battles. Both of them fought hard in the matches. When it came to the next one though, Panthro managed to escape.

Some years later, Dobo had become the new Pit Master by the time when the Thunderians arrived. Panthro confronted him about the Thunderian refugee Pumyra, who is one of the slaves in the Pit.

When Lion-O went into the Pit's cells to try to get Pumyra out, her shouting alerted the guards as Dobo locks him in the nearby cell while confiscating the Sword of Omens, planning to pit Lion-O against Pumyra. Panthro and the others weren't pleased with what happened as Dobo states to Panthro that Lion-O will be going up against Pumyra tomorrow.

The next day as Lion-O and Pumyra fight, Panthro tells Dobo that the reason he escaped was because the match both of them were supposed to be in next was a death match, and Panthro did not want to HAVE to kill him. Meanwhile, when Pumyra is unable to finish off Lion-O, Dobo tells both of them that the penalty for forfeit is death. The crowd demands Dobo, "Let them live!" causing Dobo set them both free.

He later answered a call-to-arms by the Wileys who were searching for allies to help Lion-O. He arrived with the Wileys and all the allies they'd recruited in the Forever Bag, and once they appeared, Dobo aided the ThunderCats in battle against Mumm-Ra and the traitor Pumyra. He bravely fought against the undead warlord and prevented his former gladiatrix from killing Lion-O.


Dobo is tall (around six feet) and slender, yet muscular and strong. His appearance and color of his fur resembles that of a Doberman Pinscher. His eyes are yellow. He wears spiked shoulder armor that wraps over his shoulders and travels around to cover his upper back that is held on by rope. On his left hand he wears a brown open glove that travels up his arm and is topped with a spiked disk. Around his abdomen he wears armor of sorts that has three layers and is connected to a circle metal plate in the front. Below this armor are brown briefs that stop above the knees.


Dobo is a skilled fighter, evidenced by being the only slave to become the Pit Master. He respects strength and fighting ability, as shown with his history with Panthro. He was disdainful of Cats for many years, feeling that Cats had no concept of loyalty, despite their fighting prowess. This was because when Panthro escaped years earlier, he left Dobo to have to face the large number of enemies they'd accumulated alone. His attitude changed after he learned that Panthro left because he was afraid he'd have to kill Dobo in their next match against each other (a death match), as well as from witnessing the loyalty that Lion-O and Pumyra demonstrated to each other. Because of this, he allowed both to go free.

He answered a call to arms by the Wileys and helped stop his former gladiator from killing Lion-O. This proves that Dobo no longer holds the Cats in low regard and knows where his loyalties lie - In the honor and goodness of a young king and not the tyranny and brutality of an undead warlord.



  • Dobo seems to be based on the dog breed Doberman Pinscher.
  • He may be related to the Jackals, as he also bears a resemblance to the Ancient Jackal Leader Shen, although he is in fact a dog.
  • He and Tookit have the same voice actor.