Demolisher was an intergalactic fighter who traveled the galaxy searching for opponents to fight. His "cheerleader" and pilot is named Dirge.


Similar to Safari Joe, his motives are not power but glory. He travels from planet to planet seeking a worthy opponent to battle with his arsenal of high-tech weapons. Demolisher originally landed on Third Earth to battle Mumm-Ra. After Mumm-Ra was defeated, Mumm-Ra convinces him that Lion-O would be a far worthier conquest. Thus persuaded, the Demolisher seeks out and engages Lion-O in battle but is eventually overcome. Defeated, the Demolisher flees Third Earth in shame.

The Demolisher's "Moral Code"

Despite his seeming villainous attitude, the Demolisher appears to actually be an honored but stereotypical "proud fighter" who seeks only fighting glory (very similarly to Safari Joe) rather than power or wealth. He also shows a high level of personal pride when he retreats from Third Earth in shame after losing his battle with Lion-O. Despite his inflated pride, the Demolisher greatly appreciates fair and balanced combats, and become disgusted with unfairness or dishonesty.



  • Peter Newman once commented that of all the characters that he voiced, Demolisher was the most difficult one. Creating the Demolisher's voice was so taxing on his vocal cords that Newman was glad that the Demolisher only appeared in one episode.
  • He has the appearance of a thylacine, commonly referred to as a Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger
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