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Curse of Ratilla is the twentieth episode of ThunderCats 2011 TV series.


The ThunderCats infiltrate a mine shaft filled with fellow cats who are being forced to search for the Sword of Plun-Darr by the evil Ratar-O.

Lion-O fights Ratar-O, while Tygra and Cheetara search the mine for the Sword. Lion-O defeats Ratar-O and frees the cats and asks them to hide in the underground near the ruins of Thundera.

Tygra and Cheetara find the Sword of Plun-Darr and suggest that the sword should be hidden in the Tower of Omens before Mumm-Ra finds the sword is unearthed. Panthro informs them that it is too late, pointing towards the approaching Lizard Army.



  • This is the third episode in the series to begin with a recap of the previous episode, "The Pit."


  • Ratar-O: (While attacking Lion-O.) Not much of a king, are you? I pulled my people out from underground, built this mine, enslaved your pathetic kind, and will soon rule over all I survey. And you?
  • Lion-O: I'm just getting started. (fights back) You're a tyrant who rules by fear. Your people are just slaves on the other side of the whip.
  • Ratar-O: But my people are still standing.


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