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‘’Crystal Canyon" is the ninety eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Lion-O, Lynx-O, Snarf and Tygra go to the Crystal Canyon, a canyon of crystals on Third Earth. The crystals make random patterns, but the deeper you go into the canyon the more regular the patterns become, these patterns lead to the Keystone. Thinking the Lunataks somehow got the Treasure of Thundera.

While there, they encounter Alluro and Chilla. The two Lunataks trick the Thundercats by confusing them using with their reflections. They knock out the Thunderstrike and cause it to crash. Lynx-O is seriously injured and Lion-O is knocked unconscious. Tygra and Snarf find the Keystone and when Tygra holds the Keystone, he becomes convinced that it is making him more powerful. He uses it to restore power to the ThunderStrike, and heal Lion-O and Lynx-O. They return to the Lair and the other three Thundercats learn Tygra has become seriously addicted to the Keystone. When they try to tell Tygra he's become a slave to the Keystone, he doesn't believe them.

Later in a battle against Alluro, Tygra thinks he's invincible, but Alluro proves him wrong and takes the Keystone from Tygra. Then Aluro himself becomes addicted to the Keystone. Alluro captures Lion-O and Lynx-O forcing them to come with him back to Sky Tomb. Lion-O uses the sword to summon the Thundercats and Tygra is restored back to normal and defeats Alluro.




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