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Cracker's Revenge is the one hundred twenty second episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Captain Cracker and his mechanical parrot Polly land on Way-Out Back and free the Lunataks and put Bragg and Crownan in one of the train's cages. They plan to go to Third Earth to attack it since most of the Thundercats are no longer on Third Earth.

Meanwhile, the ThunderCats have learned Cracker escaped and Snarfer and Mandora go to catch him. Bragg has Crownan ride a fire exstiquisher, so he can get into space and get help. Mandora finds him, and the three of them go to Third Earth. Mandora fights with Cracker and the Lunataks, but is beaten and she and Snarfer are tied to her cycle and sent towards a mountain. Lion-O, Panthro, and Cheetara arrive and Lion-O saves Mandora and the others. Meanwhile, Cracker and the Lunataks go to attack Cats Lair.



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  • This is Pumyra's last appearance in the series.


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