Captain Cracker is an old, worn down, robotic pirate and captain of the Jolly Rogers. He owns a robotic parrot that often sits on his shoulder.


A ruthless robotic renegade, Captain Cracker the space-based pirate is a sworn enemy to both the Space Force and the ThunderCats. A villain in every sense of the word, Cracker and as such has marked himself out as the scourge of the spaceways.

In "Mandora and the Pirates" He raided the Great Penal Planet to release a criminal contingent to help him take over the space-ways. He was stopped thanks to the compined forces of Lion-O, Mandora and Quick Pick.

Cracker was then sent to Exile Isle were after some time past he met the Lunataks and teamed up with them to esacpe only to be foiled by Lion-O once again.

Cracker escaped a prison transport ant went to Way Outback to free his Lunatak friends and for their help to turn Third Earth into a pirate paradise. After his deafet he was put into the custody of Captain Bragg and was sent to Way Outback to spend eternal banishment with the Lunatacks and the Mutants of Plun-Darr.




  • Captain Cracker had an action figure of him late in the original LJN Thundercats toyline.


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