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Throughout the years, there have been many comic books based upon the ThunderCats animated series. The two most prominent and well known comic companies, DC and Marvel comics, have both had the license at different points.

The Marvel comics were published in the 1980s under two imprints: the Star imprint in the US and the Marvel UK imprint in the United Kingdom. During DC's run on the comics in the early 2000s, it was published under its Wildstorm imprint.

Star Comics

The first Thundercats comics were published in 1985 by Star Comics which was an imprint of Marvel Comics. The Star Comics version lasted for 24 issues. Some of the issues were retellings of episodes from the series, and others endeavored to tell original stories.

Marvel UK

The Marvel UK series was very similar to the Star Comics series (some of the Star comics and some of its own earlier comics were reprinted). It started in 1987 and ran for 129 issues (by far the longest running series). It also published seasonal specials, trade paperbacks, and hardcover annuals.

DC Comics/Wildstorm

In 2002, DC Comics through its imprint, Wildstorm published five mini-series with five comics each. There were also a few one shots, a couple of crossovers two Origins issues, and a Sourcebook .

The five mini series were as follows:

  • Reclaiming Thundera - (written by Ford Gilmore with various artists contributing).
  • The Return - (written by Ford Gilmore and illustrated by Ed Benes, Pimental and Lea)
  • The Dogs of War - (written by John Lyman, illustrated by Brett Booth, Joe Prado, Al Vey and Eric Nguyen)
  • Hammerhand's Revenge - (written by Fiona Avery, illustrated by D'Anda)
  • Enemy's Pride - (written by Layman and illustrated by Virens, Hellig and Campus)

The three cross-over comics were:

The two origins comics were: