The Cliff of Winds was a mythical place within Briar Wood.


According to the legend of the Petalars would provide the wind necessary for the flower-like race to escape the Wood and possibly return to the Garden.

At the time of the episode Song of the Petalars, the Thundercats led by Lion-O aided the Petalars to searching for the Cliff of Winds, but it was the Petalar Emrick who actually located the fabled location.

At first, when they reached the supposed location of the Cliff, everyone was disappointed to find no real cliff. Then, however, the army of Lizards under order of Slithe used flamethrowers to set Briar Wood alaze. This caused a tree within the supposed location of the Cliff of Winds to rise toward the sky. Moreover, the fire heated the air, providing an updraft permitting the Petalars to rise into the air and escape Briar Wood.


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