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The Claw Shield is primarily a defensive shield like gauntlet Lion-O wears on his left hand, covering the entire arm up to his elbow. It is also a scabbard for the Sword of Omens when in dagger form. It was given to Lion-O along with the Sword of Omens.


It is made of an extremely hard and durable substance, withstanding numerous prolonged energy blasts, fire and varying bladed/melee blows. It also possesses a highly reflective surface, being used against Mumm-ra on multiple occasions.

Whilst it is mainly used as a shield, it has other applications such as firing grappling hooks from both the claws and the knuckles, giving Lion-O the ability to grapple, rappel and swing to and from different terrains and locations. It also houses a chain of unknown, yet apparently extremely long, length which allow the wearer to throw the Claw Shield like a lasso, fire it from their hand as a grappling hook or (as seen in the episode "The Mountain") a secure climbing aid. Its claws are also very sharp, allowing it to aid in grabbing onto a wall or surface, as well as provide use as a weapon; punches and blows are more damaging whilst Lion-O wears it. It also contains smoke green gas which can be fired from the knuckles, blinding enemies.

When not being worn it is seen attached to Lion-O's left thigh, providing a scabbard for the Sword of Omens when (and only when) in dagger form.

The Claw Shield has come to be a very useful tool for Lion-O for the simple fact that it has gotten him out of many sticky situations.


The claw shield has a variety of powers and/or features which include:

  • It is also used as a scabbard for the Sword of Omens.
  • Used as a shield by blocking laser blast, swords, axes, and other weapons.
  • A golden surface which can be used as a mirror.
  • Grappling hooks, with an extended amount of rope (the actual length is not known). This grappling hook is seen shooting from both the knuckles and the claws.
  • Gas may be stored with in the claw such as a smoke screen.
  • There is also a chain inside of it.


  • Exodus (1st appearance)
  • Basically every episode with Lion-O in it.


  • On one of the original model sheets of the Claw shield, it's been stated that "Note: When Lion-O wears the Claw-shield only, the Sword won't be in it." Yet in the Original Series the Sword is often carried within the Claw while Lion-O wears it, and in the New 2011 Series Claudus and Lion-O do it constantly.
  • In the episode Frogman, animation goof in the entire series is seen; Lion-O with the Claw Shield on his right hand (and the Sword within it.)