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Claw Gauntlet[1] is Lion-O's secondary weapon in ThunderCats Roar series.

Physical Description

It is a tan brown to yellow color item with a claws like shape and design. Likely based on hawk claws.

Powers and Abilities

It has abilities to grapple repeatedly with rope that self-retracts back to a unknown origin. That same ability to launch the claw can be done without the rope. The claws on the gauntlet also can be launched with ropes attached and self-retracted as well. For fun, the gauntlet has a built in sound chip that emits a roar noise when activated via a button on the gauntlet.



  • Unlike previous Lion-o series Claws/Gauntlets, this one is not for protecting the Sword of Omens. In many battles it is a substitute weapon for the sword, instead.


  1. From ThunderCats Roar, Episode: Lost Sword, (TS: 7:17) Lion-O says: "Claw Gauntlet, all right!"