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Cheetara was a female Thunderian noble who was also a member of the ThunderCats.


Cheetara had left the doomed planet of Thundera with her fellow ThunderCats. Leaving behind the planet, Cheetara was instructed by Jaga to wake Lion-O from sleep, which she did, despite the objections of Snarf. When the Mutants boarded their ship, Cheetara joined the other ThunderCats and bravely fought them off. She was given a new outfit and her Staff to help defend herself on their new home by Jaga, along with her fellow ThunderCats. Cheetara helped defend the ship from the attacking Mutants, going into suspension to make the journey to the new planet chosen as the ThunderCats' new home. She was then revived with the others when they reached their new home on Third Earth, and after defeating the Mutants, prepared with the others to build a new home.

Cheetara's amazing speed has often saved the other ThunderCats from deadly situations. Once when Tygra ventured into a mysterious cave, he found himself beginning to age rapidly, Cheetara was the only one who could get in and out of the cave fast enough to save Tygra from death.

When the time of Lion-O's Anointment Trials came, it was Cheetara's task, as the fastest of the ThunderCats, to try Lion-O in speed. Lion-O knew he could not beat Cheetara in a race, and so took a dangerous western route as an alternative. Already miles ahead of Lion-O, Cheetara ran into the Mutants, who pursued her on land and underwater. Luckily Panthro arrived in the Thundertank to assist the outnumbered Cheetara. Cheetara was ahead by a mile and two thirds, eventually coming face to face with Lion-O, they raced alongside one another to the finish of their race. Lion-O knew he could not win the race in this way, but his sheer determination allowed him to. Lion-O at first believed Cheetara had let him win, something which offended her, as the code of Thundera forbade such action. The distance they ran actually exhausted Cheetara's super speed, and she told him that his determination not to lose had allowed him to win the race.

Powers and abilities[]

Cheetara is a female warrior, based on the cheetah, who is the only adult female ThunderCat (until the later appearance of Pumyra). Her most notable physical ability is her incredible speed, which she uses in combat to evade and dodge attacks with ease. During the episode "Pumm-Ra", Tygra clocked her jogging speed as "thirty seconds for the mile" (120 mph) implying her top speed to be significantly higher than that. At her peak, Cheetara can sustain her top speed for about 2 miles before succumbing to exhaustion. She also has an ability called her "Sixth Sense", which gave her the ability to see into past and future events, although this was also very taxing, such that she sometimes considered it a curse; these visions could come at random and when she forced them to appear, it could take days or weeks for her to recover. She could also sense danger to others which she attributed to "woman's intuition". Cheetara had a fondness for the "useless" metal gold. In "The Telepathy Beam", her powers no longer harm her and presumably has better control. Her weapon was the baton or bo staff, which could extend to any length and shoot out energy beams. It was attached to a cuff on her left arm when not in use.

Secondary Canon[]


In the comics, after Lion-O left to complete his training in the Book of Omens. At the same time Cheetara is enslaved by the Mutants for five years and during that time she's subject to constant humiliation.

On the other hand, Tygra was captured and tortured to the point of become a somber individual. During his five years in captivity he was required to design structures for Mumm-Ra and the Mutants. Tygra was rescued and helped overthrow the evil sorcerer.

Finally, it was Tygra who helped Cheetara heal her emotional wounds. Cheetara relies on him to recover from the terrible times she went through. And it's with Tygra she begins a stable relationship. Fifteen years later Tygra and Cheetara become a couple, the King's Elite Guards and are the parents of the New Thunderkittens.

Physical Description[]

Cheetara is a female ThunderCat based on a cheetah with an anthropomorphic humanoid physical form, along with an athletic build. She is normally seen wearing a one-piece orange leotard that has her ThunderCat emblem at the front of her bosom, and orange boots.




  • "I am a woman! You hold no mystery for me!"
  • "Fortune favors the bold."
  • "Pride can be a good thing, but pride carried too far is foolishness."
  • (while running through a dense forest) "Just a little further and I'll set a personal record!"
  • "I am Cheetara. In my heart, I know I'm the strongest of my kind. The pride of my people. I am unique in this universe, and I will not. Be DEFEATED!"