Cats Lair
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Cats's Lairs were large structures built for use by the ThunderCats as both a home and a base of operations. The Lairs were meant for the ThunderCats only. .



Little is known about the Cats's Lair on Old Thundera, but it was apparently very similar to the one built on Third Earth.

Third Earth

Cats Lair

On Third Earth, the Lair was designed by Tygra. Initially, the six ThunderCats were going to build it themselves, but the Berbils offered to help build it. And so with their help, it was built quickly and, in turn, made it the home of the ThunderCats. This Lair had extra features that the old Cats's Lair on Thundera had lacked. It had a control room, a telescope, a hangar for vehicles, and a library and living quarters for the ThunderCats. And purely coincidentally, the Lair was built atop the exact spot where the seventh dimension--that Wizz-Ra was trapped in--would open every seven thousand years.

New Thundera


The new Cats's Lair on New Thundera was built by the Snarfs in a canyon full of ancient stone statues, two of these statues stand guard over the fortress. The New Thundera Cats's Lair was more difficult to build because of problems during the time of its construction. This Cats's Lair seems to be more technologically advanced, and larger, than the one on Third Earth, and it resembles a lion rather than a cat.


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