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Caspin was a Tiger from the Tiger Clan, and one of the Council of Elders.


Caspin was Javan's right-hand man. When a plague broke out among the Tiger Clan, Javan needed the cure, so Caspin suggested a prayer to the Ancient Spirits. Javan did so, and the spirits agreed that a cure would be delivered in return for the sacrifice of a child: Baby Tygra! Javan took Tygra up to the Sacrificial Mountains with a dagger. He placed Tygra in a basket with a hot air balloon, and used the dagger to cut the rope holding the balloon. Because Tygra was not sacrificed, The Spirits placed a curse, that once the sun goes down, all of the Clan would turn into horrifying shadow demons. Caspin hated Javan for this.

When Lion-O and Tygra returned, Caspin and four other members of the Council welcomed them and took them to Javan. Later, Tygra was to told to leave by Javan. Meanwhile, Caspin confessed to four other Council members that if Tygra will not give up his life willingly, then they'll take it by force. He plans on starting a mutiny. When Tygra and Lion-O were leaving, Caspin and the others surrounded them, and stated that Javan left a message for Tygra. He then proceeded to try to kill Tygra. Javan stops them, and through the fight, stabs Caspin in the chest. Javan said that there was another way, but Caspin scoffs at this by stating that Javan is what doomed the Tiger Clan. Javan stated that pride had doomed the Clan, and with this said, Caspin died. When Javan and the other Tigers moved on in the Afterlife, as they disappeared, so did Caspin.




  • Caspin's name could be a probable reference to the real life Caspian Tiger, an extinct subspecies of tiger that was native to the sparse forest habitats and riverine corridors west and south of the Caspian sea, from Turkey, Iran and east through Central Asia into the Takla Makan desert of Xinjiang, China. The fact his name was based on an extinct species of tiger likely alludes to the fact Caspin and his clan were already dead when Tygra finally met them.