ThunderCats wiki

Capsules are used by both ThunderKittens: WilyKit and WilyKat during battles through out the series.

Powers and Abilities

The most common use for them is as smoke bombs. The majority of the time they are thrown while the thrower is on a rope.

Here is a list of the known capsule types (keep in mind other than the episode "Warrior Maiden Invasion", only the smoke bomb gets used):

  • Smoke Bomb- The go to capsule type for the ThunderKittens, it produces a color smoke and a explosion impact.
  • Water Capsule
  • Slime Capsule
  • Marinara Sauce Capsule
  • Ants Capsule
  • Old Woman Laughing Capsule
  • Chocolate Capsule
  • Vanilla Capsule
  • Strawberry Capsule
  • Chamomile Tea Capsule- A type of knockout gas comes from it.