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Buzz-Saw is a robot henchman of the Mon*Star gang.


Buzz-Saw is a completely robotic but independently sentient war machine of a light copper-shade skin with multiple razor sharp circular saw cutting blades on its body that can be used as projectile weapons. It speaks with a high-pitched metallic voice. Much like Mumbo Jumbo, Buzz-Saw is used as one of the Mob's muscle boys. The two add their power to whatever crime is being performed, or protect a more specialized member of the mob. Buzz-Saw's striking appearance and weapons make him more limited in his roles, however. The two often work together when violence is required. However, it is less adept at other kinds of missions.


He has been shown to be aggressive, but not all that cunning.

Powers and Abilities

Buzz-Saw is much larger than most humans and its robotic construction does grant it a great deal of strength and durability.  Its primary method of attack are the two cutting blades at the ends of its arms, which it can spin to create a lethal punch.  It can also launch these discs as a projectile attack.  If the situation calls for it, Buzz-Saw can spin the blade in its head, the one in each shoulder, and the blades in its arms all at once so anything near it becomes sliced.


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  • Buzz-Saw's show model shows a decided disparity with the actual toy it's based on. The action figure is predominately green with black trim. It also sports red eyes and yellow saw blades.