First appearance | The Slaves of Castle Plun-darr
Last appearance | Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 5
Name | Brute-Men

Brute-Men are a tribe of unintelligent, anthropomorphic bovine-like creatures that were enslaved by the Mutants to build Castle Plun-Darr.


Docile, peaceful creatures, the Brute-Men are in fact not brutal at all. Although the Brute-Men are not warriors, they can make violent and powerful opponents when angered, and are capable of overwhelming enemies by sheer weight of number. Although highly pacifistic in nature, the Brute-Men’s general lack of intelligence makes them susceptible to mind-altering substances (like Warp Gas), and the result can be very intimidating.

Lion-O was annoyed that the Brute-Men didn't bother to thank the ThunderCats upon being rescued. They simply walked away without fighting them.


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