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Bolo-Whip[1] (aka: "Bola"[2]) is Tygra's weapon of choice in ThunderCats Roar series.

Physical Description

A blue cord with three smaller blue cords that have red balls at the ends, and a yellow handle for Tygra to hold in combat.

Powers and Abilities

The weapon possesses the ability to extend its cord from the handle, allowing for quick movements. It can tie up enemies and be a rope.



  • It is based on the "Bolas" a type of throwing weapon from the Americas. Used for handling cattle and hunting.[3]


  1. From ThunderCats Roar, Episode: Mumm-Ra of Plun-darr, Part 2, (TS: 2:35) Tygra says: "And I'm loving this bolo-whip you made out of vines."
  2. From ThunderCats Roar, Episode: The Legend of Boggy Ben, (TS: 8:34) Tygra says: "Back for more of my bola, eh?"
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