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The Bolo whip is Tygra's weapon of choice. It was given to him by Jaga along with his clothing when the ThunderCats were fleeing their home planet of Thundera in the episode, Exodus.

The Bolo whip, which is a cross between a whip and bolas, consists of a yellow handle and a length of blue cord, ending in three red balls.


Tygra Bolo Whip Fire.jpg

The cord of the whip normally remains retracted when not in use. However, it is able to extend to great lengths when Tygra uses it in battle. The whip is also able to fire energy blasts and, when hit against the ground or walls, it can produce fire balls.

The whip is also what Tygra uses to turn invisible. When he wraps his whip around him in a certain way, he can become invisible. He can remain invisible as long as he has the whip with him. If for some reason he loses his whip, he regains his visibility. In the episode Out of Sight, Tygra tried to make himself and Nayda invisible but that ended up overloading the whip and as a result he was unable to use it to make them visible again. They remained in that state until Lion-O used the Sword of Omens to undo the invisibility.

Tygra using his whip to turn invisible

Tygra is also able to tie the whip between points and tense it so it could serve him as a ladder or a more solid structure to climb on. This enables Tygra to scale heights and to cross rivers and canyons which he otherwise would not have been able to traverse..

In the episode, All That Glitters , Mumm-Ra tricked Tygra and Lion-O into fighting each other and the whip was able to break the Sword of Omens into two pieces.

The whip has also been used against Tygra by his enemies, most notably in the episodes, Mongor, The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin, Dimension Doom, ThunderCubs, Part 4 and Chain of Loyalty. In these episodes, Tygra's opponents were able to use their magical powers on the whip and cause it to tie up Tygra himself.