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The Bolkins are a species on Third Earth in the 2020 series, ThunderCats Roar.


They had races at their Bolkin Stadium to determine their mayor; for which Cheetara had been winning, until one day when Monkian challenged her. The Bolkins upon seeing Cheetara beaten by Monkian, rejected her and had her and the other ThunderCats thrown out of the Bolkin Stadium. Meanwhile, Monkian was mean and cruel to the Bolkins, including treating them like lower life and laying waste and decay to their village. JanJan, a fan of Cheetara's snuck in the ThunderCats to find out what was really going on. They discovered that Monkian was cheating, and while that was being revealed, Cheetara had tricked Monkian into selling "The Monkian Speedstunt Spectacular" to Cheetara Corp. which she planned to turn into a parking lot. Cheetara once again was Mayor after those events.

Bolkins overall appear a lot in Third Earth affairs, supporting causes and being good part of the community. However, like most species on Third Earth, they need and accept help; both as a village group, and individually.

A Bolkin was saved by Mandora and Lion-O at one point, as he was was being robbed by recently escaping Robo Ronin, Cyborg, and Burly Warrior. At another point, the Mutants took four of them prisoner and used them as slaves to make their Mini-Drills, but the ThunderCats thwarted them, releasing the Bolkins. In another case, Jackalman (with the ThunderCats) saved three children Bolkins that were in a burning house. Meanwhile, Cheetara was also helping the Bolkins by using the ThunderTank to put out the fires. At another time, one Bolkin came to the ThunderCats, giving the task to find his slow donkey.

Bolkins have also been shown to enjoy Cheetara's live streams. Some of them also were at the grand opening of Safari Joe's Safari Sphere, as well as the Craft Fair.

Physical Description

They mostly wear neutral color browns clothing. Sometimes including a hood.


They are a very simple folk, very much of traditional ways. They are somewhat slow, which is what their law is determined by; that is also why a none-Bolkin have been the mayor of their village.



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