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Boggy Ben is a large monster in the 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar, featured in episode "The Legend of Boggy Ben".


He was a legend before the ThunderCats came to Third Earth, and it seems was well known enough to have been known of by both Cheetara and Lion-O. After Cheetara had setup to teach Lion-O the importance of asking the team for help; a lesson that failed as Tygra costume as Boggy Ben being foiled by Lion-O, however the real Boggy Ben came into the lair they were in. He fought all three with great success, and it wasn't til the ThunderTank busted into the lair dome that Boggy Ben had finally meet a real challenge. Tygra used his Bolo-Whip to tie to his hand, from which then Panthro used the spikes of his outfit to hurt his hand, then Cheetara and Snarf tied him up, then WilyKit and WilyCat both hit his eyes with smoke bombs, before Lion-O gave the final "blow" for which he fell over. He was quite defeated, but still had a quick laugh with the ThunderCats as Lion-O fell in the muck yet again.

Later, Boggy Ben was shown at the Craft Fair selling "flower thingys", clearly in a friendly cheerful mood.


He was shown to be a typical big mean monster. However, he wasn't above a good laugh as shown when Lion-O fell back in the muck. Later, he was shown at the Craft Fair enjoying flowers, being far more friendly.

Powers and Abilities

He showed a ability to breathe fire, as well as some fast fighing skills with his hands. He appears quite slow, but can rush at his enemies with great speed if need be.


  • The costume that Tygra used to try to fool Lion-O was later used in a instructional video that Cheetara was filming in Episode "Lion-S"