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Bluegrass is the second in command and the pilot of the SilverHawks.


Bluegrass was a Colonel, real name T. Boone Pickens, before he underwent the SilverHawk bionic surgery process and was assigned to protect Limbo. His "bird" partner is called Sideman.


Bluegrass is a SilverHawk, a human law enforcement officer modified into a cyborg to withstand the effects of hyper travel through space. This grants him enhanced physical abilities, such as strength, agility, and speed. He has a hawk like face plate that covers his face. Unlike the other SilverHawks, however, Bluegrass's bionic hardware includes no built-in weapons or wings. and he once complained that he would one day have to learn to fly without a ship.

Bluegrass is the pilot of the Maraj. Instead of built-in lasers, he uses his guitar, called Hot Licks, as both a piloting aid and as a weapon, as it fires blue energy notes. Sometimes, he does command the SilverHawks.[1]