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Bluegrass is the pilot of the SilverHawks, and was one of the five to join Stargazer in his battle with the recently freed mob. He looks like a cowboy, and likes to carry around a guitar he calls "Hot Licks".


Before he underwent the SilverHawk bionic surgery process, he was already known as the best pilot in the galaxy. On the demonstration/test day, Bluegrass passed and was noted for using the mirage effect to cloaked the Mirage's passenger bay while the Hot-Seat was separated, which was brand new tech. Leaving earth the following morning, Bluegrass piloted the Mirage to the SilverHawks home for the next few centuries, HawkHaven.

Physical Description

He has a cyan blue colored SilverHawk suit. He notably looks like a cowboy and has a brown hat, red bandana, and his suit has the look of him wearing cowboy boots. When his hat is off, it is shown he has mohawk.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike other SilverHawks (other than Stargazer and Condor) he has no flight ability nor jets or lasers. His sole role is as pilot for the Mirage, however he does have items to help out. He tends to depend on Hot Licks or Sideman for laser power when in battle. He also is very good at lassoing in things with his lariat.


He appears in all but twelve episodes. Episodes he is not in:

Notable brief appearances: