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Mumm-Ra´s general with a remarkable appearance

Guys, I noticed one character here - one of the commanders of Mumm-Ra with a very remarkable appearance. Appeared in the frame in the episode "Legacy".

Maybe someone knows something about this character? Did he appear in the 1985 TV series? (something reminds Grune of the local). And what race can he belong to? A lion? Maybe some kind of rodent (judging by the teeth)?

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Cschucode Cschucode 14 August 2020

I'm a ThunderCat

Busey ipsum dolor sit amet. I would like to give you a backstage pass to my imagination.The magic Indian is a mysterious spiritual force, and we're going to Cathedral Rock, and that's the vortex of the heart.The best way to communicate is compatible. Compatible communication is listening with open ears and an open mind, and not being fearful or judgemental about what you're hearing.

When you get lost in your imaginatory vagueness, your foresight will become a nimble vagrant.Did you feel that? Look at me - I'm not out of breath anymore!I wrestled a bear once. A 750lbs black bear.These kind of things only happen for the first time once.

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 11 August 2020

Proposing Merger of ThunderCats Wiki and ThunderCats Ho Wiki

Hey all, I'm Devilmanozzy, the bureaucrat and administrator of the ThunderCats Wiki, where I have been working since August 2010 to create the best ThunderCats encyclopedia possible, just like you all have been doing at ThunderCats Ho Wiki. Since we are both striving to accomplish the same goal, I wanted to see if you are open to the idea of merging our both encyclopedias.

Both wiki's have long histories, with TC Wiki starting back in July 2006 and TCH Wiki in December 2009. Since we are covering the same topic, we are competing with each other for the best SEO ranking (the place we appear on whenever someone searches for a resource on ThunderCats), which leads to neither of us being the best we could be.

That's just a technical benefit to c…

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 26 May 2020

ThunderCats Roar Midseason Break. Time to get the Wiki Squared Away!

It is no secret that while this is the leading wiki for the ThunderCats Roar series, we are still quite behind. Still haven't even started articles for episodes: Snarf's Day Off, Mumm-Ra of Plun-Darr, Part 1, and Mumm-Ra of Plun-Darr, Part 2. (I'll have them started soon ;) )

But, have no fear, mid-season break for the show is now underway.). So, all of June is prime for the wiki to get everything going in the ThunderCats Roar section.

It depends by the article, but most episodes are not covered yet. There isn't even a infobox template yet for Crew (I'll have on made in the following week). The drive will be to get every article started that is currently planned to be covered. I'll likely do many of the major articles in waves of ten episode…

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Bluedragon985 Bluedragon985 16 August 2019


please revive the cancelled season of Thundercats.

everyone will not watch that damn and goofy Thundercats Roar bullcrap.

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Darth Crucible 01 Darth Crucible 01 3 September 2018

possible live action film

Will there ever be live action Thundercats movie

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Adamtodd Adamtodd 30 June 2017


I have been watching the entire series with my kids. It's nostalgic for me, I am well into the second season and just now discovered this wiki page and have started to add the morals to the respective episode pages. Most of what I am adding are direct quotes from the episodes, otherwise I am doing my best to summarize the moral of the episode.

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Starmakemagic Starmakemagic 13 January 2017

I had to repair busted links

If I in any way did a bad thing please don't ban me, but when I came here to this wiki i noticed tons of ' red' links, missing ones and went around looking for their original pages, I would have made a page in error, if not for the fact I located this missing link's actual destination being a page titled Thunderian (2011 TV series) and so i just changed the Cats link to Thunderian (2011 TV series)  instead. This way when new people come looking for the species pages. they will be redirected to the CORRECT link to the page. if this was done in error, please forgive my mistake as I noticed the mod has other engagements.

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Happyheart887 Happyheart887 13 February 2016

Thundercats (2011) petition

There is a petition on to bring back this newer version of the show. It requires 500 signatures in total, so please sign.

The link is here :

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The Nth Doctor The Nth Doctor 15 March 2014

Stop SOPA now!

I just heard some very disturbing news. A new version of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Acts) is on the verge of being passed. If it does, all fanart, fanfiction, and fan-made videos could be considered "piracy" and removed. If you don't want that to happen, sign the petition against it here:

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Jokersglee Jokersglee 10 March 2014

New to the Site

Hello Everyone.  New to the Site and going to add as much as I can to make it great. Glad to be here.

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 13 October 2013

Power-Con 2013: 'ThunderCats' Reboot Creator Details The Second Season That Could Have Been

Read it ... "Power-Con 2013: 'ThunderCats' Reboot Creator Details The Second Season That Could Have Been" ... and now what do you'll think? Do you now think the series should have been renewed for a second season? Do you think these ideas shared by the folks Shannon Eric Denton and Dan Norton were good or bad?

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 7 October 2013

Time to change the Theme design of the Wiki

The wiki is switching gears and sort of going back to being more of an nostalgic type of wiki as the 2011 series ended and only got a 26 episode run. Some wont like the idea of switching things around, but lets face it, the original series is what people seem to remember, and the new series didn't last long enough to make an lasting impact. It was a fun ride, but its over.


First things to deal with.... the background. Take a look at the image to the left. Note that the darker area will be seen mostly only by HD monitors and such. It is a classic theme. The middle will only be see-able while the page is loading.

And then there are color changes. The top of the image shows what we have now, and the bottom is what I want to change it too.…

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 5 October 2013

The Project to bring images to the wiki

I have sat the last few days thinking of what to do next. Deleting stolen images seems pretty pointless if there isn't some to replace them. So I have recruited myself to screen cap the Classic series one episode at a time til the series is complete. This project will be easier if comrades here at this wiki would aid me with text edits to strengthen the project as I move along. I will hopefully start in a day or so. I will likely by default end up questioning previous edits and in some cases delete or move questionable content to talk pages.

My comrades, are you with me?

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Wingman1 Wingman1 19 June 2012

IP Trace.

If you are an admin here or elsewhere here is a quick and easy way to trace IP's

check it out.Wingman1

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Wingman1 Wingman1 6 December 2012

ThunderCats wiki Forum!

i have started this new feature to sort of see how it goes. you will see a link to it on every page so feel free to givr it a try.

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Nevets21 Nevets21 11 November 2012

New ways to use old ideas

I just had to point all of these out:

OS Berserkers = NS Fishmen

OS Miscrits = NS Petalars

OS Black Tower = NS Tower of Omens

OS "Return to Thundera" = NS "Legacy"

OS Hachiman and "Excalibur" = NS Hattanzo and "The Duelest and the Drifter" episode

OS Safari Joe = NS Conquedor

OS Baron Tass and Mr. Grubber = NS Tookit, Ratar-O and Mordax

OS Leah = NS Gusto, Jenyo and Albo

OS Frogmen = Albo's race

OS Dr. Dometone = NS Jorma and Soul Sever

Point is, it's gonna be a little hard to use certain ideas, since alot of them have already been adapted. (I especially had ideas for Baron Tass)

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Sushi1234 Sushi1234 14 September 2012

Hi, i need help!

I'm new here, so i need a lot of help. Can someone please help me?

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Kabers Kabers 17 August 2012

What happens Ever After?

Lion-O says he's been working to change the way the Cats have been treating the other animals, but when you think about it, how's that going to work?

After all that's happened, things can't just go back to the way they were before Mumm-Ra returned. The Cats can't just rebuild their kingdom and go back to living the high life while the other animals live rather poorly in comparison.

I bring this up because, as you may recall, one of the two lizards that Lion-O helped said that the Cats controlled the best land. So, in a way, rebuilding Thundera probably won't change that perspective.

Point is, you have to ask: how are things gonna change when this power stone business is over?

Is Lion-O going to build a city that's open to all the races of Thir…

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Mike Gilbert Mike Gilbert 8 August 2012

Fourth Power Stone

Okay there's going to be a 4th Power Stone. What's it's power and who hold's it? Any ideas?

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 26 July 2012

Wikia's new Forum demo... They listened to me!

There is nothing that could please me more than when Wikia actually makes a feature or updates a feature that actually could be useful. Here comes the forum feature!

It has been no secret that I really wanted a forum feature for Thundercats Wiki (and Ghostbusters Wiki too) for ages. I was hoping for a feature that allowed topics and input without wiki know-how. I wanted it easy for non-wiki editors to be able to talk with use as well as us wiki editors.

The blog about the forum feature is here.

The test forum is here.

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Mike Gilbert Mike Gilbert 19 July 2012

Kaynar and Addicus

Mumm-Ra said Kaynar and Addicus were vile even to him. Makes a guy wonder what they did. The closest thing I've got is canabalism, dismemberment, and mutalition. If they did that? What could be worse than destroying star systems and killing millions?

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Alockwood1 Alockwood1 22 June 2012

Pumyra a Traitor?

So it turn out that Pumyra died during the fall of Thundara- full of anger at the Royals, and was brought back by Mumm-Ra.

What do you think will happen?

Here are some responses from some Completely-made-up-users.

KillAllZombies- Lion-O should chop off her head, stick it on a spear, and use it as a warning to all who are enemies of his Might- plus she's a zombie and-

Buddy, stop while you're ahead.

LoveConquersAll- I think Lion-o's going to use the Soul Stone to save her, and they'll fall in love, and get married, and-

Too Mushy!

Okay, your ideas.

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Brian Dodd Brian Dodd 21 June 2012

Favorite Villans

Witch one of Theese guys is your Favorite Villan and Why ?

  • Mumm-Ra (2011 Version)
  • Grune(2011 Version)
  • Slithe(2011 Version)
  • Ratar-O(2011 Version)
  • Kaynar
  • Addicus
  • Vultaire

Added by Brian Dodd

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Brian Dodd Brian Dodd 17 June 2012

Lunataks in season 2 of 2011 series yes?

I Hope they bring the Lunatacks in the picture.

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Brian Dodd Brian Dodd 17 June 2012

what's a blog?

What's A blog?

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Kim Dreamcatcher Kim Dreamcatcher 17 June 2012

ThunderCats 2011 "What Lies Above 1 & 2" Reviews


Let's talk about how season 1 ended! Lion-O was successful in uniting the animal species against Mumm-Ra, but ends up getting his heart broken for the second time. It didn't surprise me at all when Vultaire joined Mumm-Ra, but Pumyra?!? OMFG! Not only was she a spy for Mumm-Ra from the start, but Mumm-Ra called Pumyra his "beloved." I'm sure there's a lot of disappointed fans out there that wanted Pumyra to be Lion-O's new love interest. I don't think anyone saw this coming. Will Lion-O ever find true love? Hopefully, that question and many more will be answered in season 2.

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Tlsonic Tlsonic 7 June 2012

ThunderCats Season 2

Yes or No

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Kim Dreamcatcher Kim Dreamcatcher 6 June 2012

Theories as to "What Lies Above"?

After seeing the latest episode, The Soul Sever, we know there's an intelligent, technologically advanced race living high in the sky, either on a large aircraft or some manmade "floating island" that dumps their trash near the City of Dogs. Question is who are these beings? I have two potential theories as to "what lies above," since that's what the next two episodes are called, ironically.

1) Necromechs- Mayb e they weren't all destroyed. We don't know where they came from, and they are technologically advanced, so that's a strong possibility.

2) Vulturemen- This would be an excellent way to introduce the vulturemen into the new series. Vultureman of the 80s series was the inventor of the Mutants and built their vehicles and weapons.


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LionOfFate LionOfFate 5 June 2012


Sad to see Toys r'us has already begun discounting the toys. And I've yet to see a Cheetara anywhere. Hopefully this show will ignite and they'll release more toys.

oh well

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Meg2541 Meg2541 27 May 2012

Thundercats 2011 Episode 23 "Recipe for Disaster" Review

Good Evening, everyone. This is Meg2541 with your Thundercats 2011 series Review. Sorry it's been so long since my review update, but I miss out on last week's Thundercats 2011 episode. So here's this week's episode review.

It's starts out that after losing the Sword of Plun-Darr to Mumm-Ra, The Thundercats are heading back to Dog City to get Kat and Kit. Meanwhile, Mumm-Ra uses a potion to turn himself into a monster to defeat the Thundercats.

Now, it's time to hear from you: the fans. Please feel free to state your comment of the show. You can also state what you think will happen on the next episode of Thundercats. What the Cats find the next stone before Mumm-Ra? What will become of Lion-O and Pumyra? Tell me what you think.

This episod…

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Osiris1991 Osiris1991 21 May 2012

Jackals or Dogs/Vultures or Birds/Warstone or Eye of Thundera

  1. Jackals or Dogs

Are the Jackals a tybe of race or breed from the dogs, cause they are two articles which are confusing saying that shen is a dog and the other a jackal, but which is which, I think its best if we do 1 article of Dogs and we include the Jackal article in it as a race, cause if you noticed there were many races or breeds of Dog such as bull dogs and heck even a raccoon like tookit, think about it Tookit is a dog but his race is probably a raccoon just like Kaynar who I think is a dog but his race is a jackal, they are all canines (dont you remember that he was in the city of Dogs, being held as prisoner by two gaurd dogs, plus we saw those two gaurd dogs again in the pit so that means he is a dog but of the Jackal breed like s…

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Nicki9999 Nicki9999 14 May 2012

Should Pumyra be Lion-O love interest in this version of Thundercats?

What do you think the people who are fan of Thundercats

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Tlsonic Tlsonic 13 May 2012

ThunderCats Videogame

It is a new videogame on Fall 2012.

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Meg2541 Meg2541 13 May 2012

Thundercats 2011 Episode 21 "Birth of the Blades" Review

Good Afternoon everyone. This Meg2541 with the Review for Thundercats 2011 Episode 21 "Birth of the Blades." In this episode, we learn about the creation of the Sword of Plun-Darr and the Sword of Omens.

From where we last left off, the Lizard army is the Mount Plun-Darr to reclaim the Sword of Plun-Darr. Pumyra suggusts that to drive the army into the mines to trap them. Lion-O and Pumyra does this, while Panthro, Cheetara, and Tygra go to the Thunder Tank. Mumm-Ra is on the scene to get his sword back. He cast a set on the sword to light him to it.

Now to hear from you, fans. Feel free to leave your comments if you wish. Plus, feel free to state what you think will happen on the next Thundercats 2011. Will the Thundercats find the next sto…

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Osiris1991 Osiris1991 13 May 2012

ThunderCats season 2 or not

Cartoon Network issued a press release for their upfronts, listing all their new and returning shows. On the new side:

• Nick Cannon Sketch Comedy Series • Annoying Orange (yes, a show based on the YouTube video) • DreamWorks Dragons: The Series (based on How to Train Your Dragon, which is fine) • New LEGO Project • Ben 10: Omniverse • Beware the Batman (the one with a gun-toting Alfred) • Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

And the returning series... • Adventure Time • Regular Show • MAD • The Amazing World of Gumball • The Looney Tunes Show • Ninjago • Level Up • Star Wars: The Clone Wars • Young Justice • Johnny Test • Pokémon • Green Lantern: The Animated Series • Almost Naked Animals • Casper's Scare School • Hero 108 • Scaredy Squirrel • Sideki…

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Osiris1991 Osiris1991 12 May 2012

Pumyra Profile picture

Which one do you think is better

for using as a profile picture, personally I like the first one cause it shows the warrior positon and beauty,

let me know what you think and check back on this blog post by writing you're comments below, See you around!!!

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Meg2541 Meg2541 6 May 2012

Thundercats 2011 Episode 20 "The Curse of Ratilla" Review

Hi Everyone, this is meg2541 with the Thundercats Episode 20 "Curse of Ratilla." The episode starts off with us showing the Thunderain slaves be sent to an underground cavorn to dig up the Sword of Plun-Darr. But each time someone tries, they end up died cause of the curse that's on the sword. We then find out that the Lizards sold the Cats to Ratar-O to dig up the sword. Lion-O, Pumyra, Cheetara, Tygra, and Panthro go to Mount Plun-Darr to free the slaves and to get the sword so Mumm-Ra wouldn't get his hands on it. Tygra and Cheetara go after the sword while Lion-O, Pumyra, and Panthro free the slave.

So now lets hear from you, the fans, on what you think of the episode.You can also leave comments about what you think will happen on th…

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 4 May 2012

Season 2 in production? ... Seems to be!

ThunderCatsNOW Twitter:"Looks like the voice cast for the #ThunderCats are recording new episodes again?! Good news?"

Thundercatslair Thread

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Wingman1 Wingman1 30 April 2012

Project for Chimera-gui.

Since the consensus was reached the Cat was name of the Species while Thunderian relates to the nation-state Thundera, perhaps now would be a good time to modify the Thunderian page and category to reflect this consensus. Chimera-gui 16:47, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

i gave him the ok to go ahead and start this if he was willing and he said ok. i just wanted to give a heads up to everyone,

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Meg2541 Meg2541 30 April 2012

ThunderCats May Episodes Titles and Synopses Revealed

The Thundercats 2011 series episodes for May have been revealed thanks to ThundercatsNow and Toonzone. According to the descriptions, fans should expect even more surprises and amazing stories for the next four weeks!

New episodes air every Saturday at 9:30am PST/EST on Cartoon Network, with a repeat of the same episode airing at the same time the following day.

Please share your thoughts and comments with us if you wish.

Episode 20, Saturday, May 5: “Curse of Ratilla” The Thundercats infiltrate a mine shaft filled with fellow cats who are being forced to search for the Sword of Plundarr by the evil Ratar-O!

Episode 21, Saturday, May 12: “Birth of the Blades” Mumm-Ra seeks to reclaim the sword of Plun-Darr.

Episode 22, Saturday, May 19: “The F…

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Meg2541 Meg2541 28 April 2012

Thundercats Episode 19 "The Pit" Review

Hi, this is Meg241 with the Thundercats 2011 Series Episode 19 The Pit Review. It turns out that the Thundercats were low on supplies and stop in the City of Dogs for some. While there, the cats made a shocking discover: a cat named Pumyra, a slave force to fight for her freedom in the Pit, a ring where criminals and slaves fight to survive. Also, Panthro runs into an old friend, Dobo, who is the Pit Master.

I won't spoiler the fun but you can leave your comment of how you like the episode and what you think will happen next time on Thundercats. What will become of the Thundarians. will they believe in Lion-O, or will they be against him? Plus, will Pumyra join the team on their mission against Mumm-Ra? Will Lion-O and Pumyra fall for each …

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 27 April 2012

Stubs... What are they?

I will level with the like. It appears we don't have a policy on stubs here. I found a minute ago that Leo was labeled one, which was beyond wrong.

I "thought" a stub was 320 bytes article, but recently the place I get that number from Community Central:Spotlights page has changed it to 300 bytes.

Text from them:

The wiki should have at least 200 content pages, not counting stubs. Very short articles (less than about 300bytes; listed at Special:Shortpages) and articles marked with a stub template should make up no more than 1/5th of all pages on the wiki.

One may ask how you find out how many bytes a article is. You only need to check the article's history. If your already at the article, add to the url "?action=history" and then look at the l…

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Chimera-gui Chimera-gui 26 April 2012

Thunderian or Cat?

Wingman1 and I are having trouble sorting out how the Tiger Clan relates to the Thunderians. Thunderian seems to be the in-universe term for the Cat Species similar to how Monkian and Jackalman are the in-universe terms for the Monkey and Jackal Species. For this reason, counting the Tiger Clan as a separate Species is problematic as they are still Cats even though they are not citizens of Thundera.

So here is the question, should the term Thunderian refer to the Cat Species or should it refer to the citizens of Thundera?

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Meg2541 Meg2541 26 April 2012

Thundercats Episode 19 The Pit Preview

Lion-O and company come upon a Dog City where they unexpectedly find a cat: Pumyra. This comes as a surprise since they believed all the cats were enslaved by Mumm-Ra, but an even greater surprise is that this cat has no love for Lion-O and, in the end, he's forced to face the cat down in a death match — and she's not pulling any punches. Meanwhile, Panthro runs into an old friend turned enemy, Dobo.

Airs Saturday, April 28 9:30 a.m. ET/PT on Cartoon Network

Please leave comments if you like.

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Osiris1991 Osiris1991 23 April 2012

Humans in the 2011 series, yes or no

It's still debatable about humans showing up in the new series cause. Im not very sure, but who knows maybe humans will appear, because it actually turns out in the Original series (If you read the comics that continued the series after it stopped airing) Third earth is actually our earth, after Mumm-Ra took over it some Humans fled while some stayed, which is why there are natives like the warrior maidens, If you want to find out how Mumm-Ra took over it you shoul read the Comic ThunderCats: Origins Heroes and Villians, which not only shows Mumm-Ra' Origin but that he used to be human Wahankh that served the Pharoah of Ancient Egypt, if you cant find it than go to this link on the wiki, But…

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Kim Dreamcatcher Kim Dreamcatcher 21 April 2012

Airing of "Survival of the Fittest"

"Survival of the Fittest" aired this morning, where Cheetara and Panthro attempt to teach the Thunderkittens basic survival skills, and we, the audience, learn how WilyKat and WilyKit end up living in the slums of Thundera. It was assumed that they were orphans, but that turns out to be far from the case. I won't reveal any more details in case someone reading this didn't see the episode yet. Any comments? Thoughts?

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 21 April 2012

Image Copyright Tags (Licenses)

Oh, I'm going to be busy...

A year ago I took over as the administrator at ThunderCats Wiki. I have found a lot of issues with this wiki since taking over in the past year. Lets face it, this wiki is one of the oldest of wikias wikis, dating back to July 5th, 2006. That was the time Gvsualan's made his first edit starting the wiki. From most accounts it seems this wiki stopped activity in November of 2009, after slowing down during the year before.

Anyways, when I came in here there was a large clean up, and restructuring took place fixing many things. But one thing I missed which I will address in the next week is image Licenses. All images that are uploaded to a wiki "should" have a license attributed to them. That has not been the case he…

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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 20 April 2012

PNG for thumbnails are NOT working properly

4 days ago Wardialer7218 wrote about this issue on my talk page. I wasn't sure what the issue was then, but after seeing it get much worse last night, I took a little surf over to Community Central Wikia to see if anyone was talking about this.

In the Technical Update Blog for April 10, 2012; Dopp speaks of this briefly in the "Select Known Issues" section of the blog.

Dopp: Thumbnailing of SVG images (using .PNG for thumbnails) does not seem to be working properly at the moment.

and to annoy me more:
And one additional note: Due to our Annual Engineering All-Hands, there will be no release or technical update next week.

That means the 24th is the next Technical Update, and who knows if this will be addressed then.

But before I end this blog, I w…

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Tygralionofan12 Tygralionofan12 14 April 2012

Templates (please tell me how to create one)


i wanted to know how to make temples on here they seem to be the hardest for me to do....

can someone tell me please through steps?

i would really appreciate it


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