Black Pyramid
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First appearance | The Unholy Alliance
Name | Black Pyramid
Affiliation | Mumm-Ra

For the new version, see Black Pyramid (2011 TV series)

The Black Pyramid is the home of Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living. The Pyramid contains lots of secret chambers, dark creatures and mysteries only completely known to Mumm-Ra himself, and is defended by spires that shoot lightning bolts at intruders. Throughout the series there have been a total of three black pyramids; one on Third Earth and two on New Thundera

Third Earth

This Pyramid has been Mumm-Ra's sanctuary for countless years. However, it has been hinted that, in the distant past, it had once been a place of good, not evil.

However, following the events of "The Last Day", The ThunderCats eventually left Third Earth in the care of the "League of Third Earth", consisting of Mandora, Willa, Nada, Snowman of Hook Mountain w/ Snow Meow, and Ro-Bear-Bill and Ro-Bear-Belle.  But not before setting off various detonation charges inside the Black Pyramid, seemingly destroying Mumm-Ra's only home to which he could return.

New Thundera

Though the first pyramid built by Mumm-Ra on New Thundera was destroyed, he would later rebuild the central chamber of the pyramid within a cave near the ruins of this pyramid to keep himself hidden.

Eventually upon his incarceration and release by the Ancient Spirits of Evil following the event of "The Last Day", and further into the event of "Return to Thundera Part 1", The Ancient Spirits of Evil rebuilt a brand new Pyramid for Mumm-Ra on New Thundera in the ruins of what seemed to be a major city at one point in history. Identical to his first pyramid he built on New Thundera.



  • In the comics the black pyramid is typically referred to as the Onyx Pyramid in both the DC and Marvel comics.
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