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The Black Pyramid is the home of Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living on Third Earth. Later in the series there was another black pyramid and a grotto on New Thundera that served a place like the one on Third Earth. For the final season, yet another black pyramid was built on New Thundera, which replaced the Third Earth pyramid as home.


This Pyramid has been Mumm-Ra's sanctuary for countless years. However, it has been hinted that, in the distant past, it had once been a place of good, not evil.

New Thundera

Though the first pyramid built for Mumm-Ra on New Thundera was destroyed, he'd end up for a short time going back and forth between the Black Pyramid of Third Earth and New Thundera via the Mumm-Raft. Ultimately he had a makeshift grotto setup which had the statues, the magic cauldron, and his sarcophagus area built.Even at this point, he mostly used the Black Pyramid on Third Earth.

The Last Day

The events of "The Last Day", left Mumm-Ra in a limbo that the Ancient Spirits of Evil sent him. Because of that, the ThunderCats decided to destroy pyramid by setting off various detonation charges inside the Black Pyramid. This left Mumm-Ra with no presents on Third Earth. Later, Mumm-Ra would go to New Thundera and have another pyramid built there, and that become his new home.

Physical Description

The outside of the pyramid, which resides near the Desert of Sinking Sands, sits on barren lands in the desert. The Pyramid has four pillars around it to focus energy during powerful conjuring events. Also of note there is both a entrance at ground level which is revealed as Mumm-Ra pleases and a entrance near the top of the pyramid that is mostly for Mumm-Ra in his Ever-Living form.

The inside of the pyramid contains lots of secret chambers, dark creatures and mysteries only completely known to Mumm-Ra himself, and is defended by spires that shoot lightning bolts at intruders. However, the majority of the time, it is the main room that is seen, housing: his sarcophagus, magic cauldron, and the Ancient Spirits of Evil statues which he gains power from.


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  • In the comics the black pyramid is typically referred to as the Onyx Pyramid in both the DC and Marvel comics.

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