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The Bird Nation

Birds or Birdmen are a sapient race of bird-like humanoids that live high up on the floating capital city in the sky known as Avista and are the most technologically and culturally advanced race on Third Earth. Another less technological nation of Birds live on massive tree tops somewhere on the planet which they call the Bird Nation.


The Birdmen enslaved by Mumm-Ra.

The Birdmen doing Mumm-Ra's bidding.

Many centuries ago, the Birdmen were one of the many alien races enslaved in Mumm-Ra's army along with Cats, Lizards, Jackals, Elephants, Rats, Dogs, and many others. When the leaders of the three mentioned races united, they managed to defeat Mumm-Ra and take his Power Stones, thus freeing the enslaved races. However the vessel which carried them fell off course and crashed into Third Earth. Eventually the Birds and the other races would re-establish their civilizations in this new world and to ensure that Mumm-Ra's power stones would not fall into the hands of one race, each was given to one of four species. The Birds chose to keep the Tech Stone and unlike their fellow races they chose to embrace technology and used the stone's power to advance it even further and with it they eventually created a floating futuristic city in the sky known as Avista. The Birds of Avista would refrain from getting involved in the matters of surface dwellers as they saw them as inferior primitives that were unworthy of their time. They would continue to live in peace and prosperity for many years to come. Unlike the other races they kept full track of their history, never forgetting Mumm-Ra or their arrival on Third Earth. Some Birds however formed a nation of their own on high tree tops and appeared to not use technology.

Many centuries later in the present, the Birds of the tree top Bird Nation attempted to sentence Addicus, to death for his crimes against the Bird Nation, only to have him saved at the last moment by Slithe. The group of Birds present for his execution were then attacked and possibly brutally eaten by Addicus.

Sometime later the ThunderCats created an airship to fly to the location of the next power stone which was located on Avista. The Birds and their prefect Vultaire welcomed the Cats to their city despite how little they thought of them and invited them for dinner, but upon realizing they sought the power stone they scoffed at their suggestions and pleas, Tygra then decided to challenge Vultaire to a flying race with the winner getting the other's power stone.


Birds have a mostly humanoid bipedal physique with both arms and wings. Their hands and feet resembles bird claws and their wings are located on their backs. Their heads are exactly like those of a bird's with no humanoid traits. Like the other races they have a wide variety of sub-species, such as birds of prey, crows, ravens, pigeons, parrots, geese, magpies, storks, ducks, pelicans, macaws, cockatoos, mockingbirds, catbirds, doves, cranes, and many more. All Birdmen wear refined clothing and robes that symbolizes their high status. Birdmen of the treetop Bird Nation wear at least one article of green colored clothing on their body such as a vest or a skirt.


Birds are far more culturally, artistically and technologically advanced than any other race seen on Third Earth and they view all other races as primitive and unsophisticated beings that are not worthy of their time, making them seem quite arrogant despite their generous hospitality. The ravens of their society act as diligent guards and are skilled in the use of spears. The main diet of the species consists mainly of rare and large invertabrates and a few veggies.

Addicus about to be executed.

The Bird civilization of the tree top Bird Nation appears to be very advanced (though not nearly as much as those of Avista) as they have fine clothing, homes and a well established legal system. The execution of criminals is carried out by hanging them from a high altitude upside down and then having a masked executioner cut the rope so as to have them plunge to their death. The criminal however is (usually) entitled to a last meal at least.

Notable Birds