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The Berbils are a species on Third Earth in the 2020 series, ThunderCats Roar.


While not much is known about their past, they for some time were under tyranny of Mumm-Ra. The ThunderCats one day crash landed in their village causing major damage. However, they took care of it quickly, rebuilding their homes. They then offered to build a home for the ThunderCats. They had successfully built the Cats Lair right before Muum-Ra zapped the Lair, taking the cat head off. The Berbils then weakened Mumm-ra, which released the ThunderCats from the magic chains they had been captured with. After Mumm-Ra was defeated, the Berbils got the cat head back on the lair and gave them a card for contact.

Later, the Berbils constructed Castle Plun-Darr for the Mutants. They were later attacked by Vultureman. Ultimately, Panthro saved the day. After that, the Warrior Maidens help the Berbils out when their crops were being attacked by Locust. Further on a single berbil was a accomplice to Molly Lava. Mandora arrested the berbil and put it with the Prison Satellite Criminals on the Prison Satellite.


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