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Berbils (also known as Ro-Bear Berbils) are a band of small robotic bears.


Not much is known about the species origins, but it is shown that they are advanced in technology than most species on Third Earth, (with the exception of the Lizards who managed to grasp technology when Mumm-Ra returned). The Species is quite peaceful and have little knowledge in self defense, up until some help and training from The Thundercats.

The tiny robot bears unintentionally solicit the help of the ThunderCats to save them from the slave trader Conquedor who values their technical and construction skills. The Cats are eventually able to help rescue some captured Berbils and defend their village with the help of Panthro and a Berbil named Ro-Bear Bill.


  • Berbils seem to have the ability to turn themselves into fast moving balls.
  • The first reference to the Berbils in the 2011 series was a disembodied Berbil paw seen in the pilot episode inside a junk merchant's shop.