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Berbil Bill is the leader of the Berbils in the 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar.


He was the first person on Third Earth to interact with the ThunderCats. He lead the efforts of fixing up the homes of Berbil Village while comforting the ThunderCats with Candy Fruit. He then offers to build a home for the ThunderCats, starting a friendship. Later, he leading the rest of the Berbils distracted and made weak Mumm-Ra as the ThunderCats got loose from the magic chains. After that, they finished Cats Lair, which needed the cat head put back on after Mumm-Ra had blasted it off. Berbil Bill upon leaving left a card, and said to call them up when the place gets damaged for repairs.


He pretty much is about the same as the rest of the Berbils; very friendly, and easy going. It is hinted that he has something of a thing for the lightening from the Doom Staff, that puzzles Mumm-Ra. While very nice, he tends to help everyone including questionable characters such as the mutants.

Powers and Abilities

He is a leader that is very good at working with his own kind.


  • Sometimes he has a yellow flower on his head and sometimes not. The yellow flower was likely suppose to be on his head all the time to tell him apart from the other Berbils.