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Bengali is a tiger-like Thunderian with blue and white stripes. He is made an honorary ThunderCat along with Pumyra and Lynx-O, and is stationed with them at the Tower of Omens to monitor for the Lunataks flying fortress Sky Tomb.


Bengali's story begins on Thundera during the great cataclysm. He is one of the three Thunderian countrymen the ThunderCats are unable to save. Pumyra and Lynx-O are the other two.

In a stroke of luck, a Berbil spaceship shows up in the knick of time and rescues the trio. However, when the planet explodes, the fuel tank sustains damage. The ship has just enough fuel to make it to Third Earth, but not enough to land by any known settlement. Thus, the trio end up on a desert island where they construct a stockade with the two Berbils.

Jaga appears to Lion-O and reveals to him that these other Thunderians exist. Cheetara uses her psychic abilities to verify this, but is unable to pinpoint their exact location. However, before long Ma-Mutt, the Berserkers, and the ThunderCats all discover the island.

The forces of evil conspire to capture the trio and hold them hostage on Fire Rock Mountain as bait for the ThunderCats, who succeed in rescuing their countrymen and bring them back to Cats Lair. The decision is made to enlist the Thunderians as honorary ThunderCats, and they are each given a new uniform and insignia.

Bengali is stationed at the Tower of Omens with the other new ThunderCats and Snarfer to monitor for the flying fortress known as Sky Tomb.

He supports the ThunderCats with his blacksmithing ability, most notably using his Hammer of Thundera to reforge the Sword of Omens after Tug Mug snaps the blade in two (Mumm-Ra Lives!, Part 1).

Powers and Abilities

Bengali is a blacksmith who wields the Hammer of Thundera, which functions both as a tool and a weapon. The hammer is capable of emitting energy beams similar to other ThunderCats' weapons. As he explains to Lion-O, only a Thunderian blacksmith could reforge the Sword of Omens. This makes him an indispensable addition to the ThunderCats' force. The handle of the Hammer conceals a small supply of smoke pellets, which he can trigger by striking with the Hammer.

Bengali's skill with metalworking extends to shattering manacles with a single blow while somehow leaving the wearer unharmed.




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