Adopt a Jackal is the twentieth episode of ThunderCats Roar, the 2020 TV series.

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Season 1 - Episode 20
After a battle with the Mutants, Jackalman gets confused and accidentally returns to the Cats' Lair with the Thundercats, he is the dumbest mutant. Jackalman pretends to be a Thundercat so his enemies won't catch him and the Thundercats pretend to play along because they feel bad for him!







  • Cat-Pops, which Lion-O is eaten seems to be knock-off of Kellogg's Corn Pops cereal.
  • Cheetara reminds Tygra that he at one point was friends with Mumm-Ra.[1] That is in reference to episode ThunderSlobs.
  • Apparently, Jackalman has a fear of the ThunderCats eating him. Tygra overhearing it was shocked and wondered why Jackalman had that worry.[2]


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