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For the '80s incarnation, see Monkian.

Addicus is the second general of Mumm-Ra's army. In his first episode appearance he is called in to help Slithe and Kaynar track down the ThunderCats. He is based on the 1980s character known as Monkian.


Not much is known about Addicus's past, except that he was about to get executed by birds for his crimes against the bird nation. He was later saved from execution by Slithe and the Lizard army and after which he possibly ate the birds present at his execution. Mumm-Ra has appointed him a General to deal with the Lizard army deserters.


Addicus can best be described as a barbarian that enjoys slaughtering his victims. Mumm-Ra wanted him to be his general for that very reason.

Apparently he also holds a low opinion of Kaynar's sanity as evidenced in the episode, Birth of the Blades, he says frantically to Lion-O when he destroys the crystal bridge they stood on, "You're crazier than Kaynar!"


His appearance is very similar to his original series design. However, he's much larger in size and physique, has a more ape-like face and opposable feet, his torso is furless except for the top, and wears a more menacing helmet with a spike.


  • The Lizard Army will know there are consequences for betraying Mumm-Ra



  • Unlike the 80s version, Addicus has proven to be quiet, clever and resourceful, able to defeat Cheetara with relative ease.
  • Addicus possesses impressive physical strength, able to hurl Cheetara a far distance.
  • In addition, befitting his monkey-like appearance, he has shown himself capable of using his feet as a second set of hands.