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Aburn is a member of the Elephants race, and is an ally of the ThunderCats.


Aburn is the first of the Elephants to speak with the ThunderCats. When WilyKit starts playing her flute, Aburn joins in on her performance, which attracts the attention of the other Elephants of the village, who all join in as well.

During "Into The Astral Plane," he and his people were held hostage by Grune and them being forgetful was annoying to Grune who planned to have them destroyed. However, the ThunderCats arrived and Aburn excitedly waved at Wilykit (an exception to his forgetful nature). However, the group were forced to surrender lest the elephant tribe be wiped out. Fortunately for Aburn and the cats, Tygra was able to slip away and save everyone using the ThunderTank.

In "Between Brothers" he and the rest of the Elephants help the ThunderCats by warding off the Lizard Army.

In What Lies Above, Part 2 he hitched a ride in the Forever Bag, came to Avista, and helped Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats fight Mumm-Ra.



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